Michigan and Me

Everyone has a happy place, somewhere where they feel calm, relaxed, happy and content. My happy place is Upper Michigan. My mom grew up in Laurium, Michigan and she met my dad when he was stationed near there in theĀ Air Force. I was born there and we lived there until I was around 2 years old when we moved to Kansas City. We went to Upper Michigan every summer and spent a few weeks with my grandparents and those were the best weeks of the year for me. The picture on this post is at Presque Isle Park in Marquette, Michigan. My grandfather was in the VA home in Marquette until he passed away a few years ago and I was blessed to be able to go up there to visit him several times due to employment issues. I’ve been all over the US and I still think that Upper Michigan is the most beautiful place I’ve seen. Even though I live in the Midwest, there is a little bit of Michigan in me and in everything that I do. That’s some of what I hope to share with you all in this blog.